/tʃɛə / (say chair)

1. a seat with a back and legs or other support, often with arms, usually for one person.
2. any thing resembling a chair in appearance or use.
3. a seat of office or authority.
4. the position of a judge, chairperson, presiding officer, etc.
5. the person occupying a seat of office, especially the chairperson of a meeting.
6. a professorship.
7. electric chair.
8. sedan chair.
9. Railways a metal block to support and secure a rail.
verb (t)
10. to place or seat in a chair.
11. to install in office or authority.
12. to conduct as chairperson; preside over.
13. to place in a chair and carry aloft, especially in triumph.
14. be in the chair,
a. to preside at a meeting.
b. Colloquial be the person in a group of drinkers whose turn it is to buy drinks.
15. take the chair, to assume the position of chair (def. 5) of a meeting; begin or open a meeting.
{Middle English chaiere, from Old French, from Latin cathedra seat, from Greek kathedra}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.